• VoIP as a telephone revolution

  • Posted on November 20, 2019
  • For several years -- since VoIP’s beginnings in the mid-2000s -- new technologies for home phone services have worked toward revolutionizing how people make calls from the comfort of their households. VoIP has provided that solution with cost-friendly, easy-to-access dialing using little more than internet access that most households already have. Growth of VoIP has been steady thanks to companies such as Net-Tell LLC that extend inexpensive access (under $30 per month with Net-Tell), superior customer service, a plethora of calling features and technologically advanced calling options. Needing only hardware and a phone, VoIP connects easily to a household and offers phone number portability as well. Most phones can be set up within minutes and without technician assistance. Home phones are little more than a subscription away, changing how this option was accessed for many decades beforehand.

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